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David Y. Howe and the Decline of Hinckley and Hunt Yachts : 

Falsification of Professional Credentials:

In the realm of business ethics, the falsification of professional credentials is an egregious offense that undermines trust, jeopardizes safety, and tarnishes the reputation of companies. The alarming case of Hinckley Yachts, a once-revered sailboat manufacturer, whose current owners, including Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), and David Y. Howe (Scout Partners LLC), have allowed the company to deteriorate to a state of decline and ethical compromise. From lying about employee qualifications to ignoring safety concerns and suppressing independent audits, these owners have demonstrated a blatant disregard for professionalism and integrity. The consequences of their actions demands immediate accountability and change. 

The Deception and Incompetence: 

Senior manager Dan Vullemier‘s deceitful act of misrepresenting the professional qualifications of his workers highlights a deeply troubling trend within Hinckley Yachts. By hiring employees without the necessary credentials, the company not only risks delivering subpar work but also endangers the lives of its customers. The severe condemnation of the work supervised by David Y. Howe, Brooks Gordon, and Jerry Lundquist, coupled with the deliberate suppression of an independent audit to assess the financial damage caused, showcases the owners’ indifference to accountability and transparency. Such negligence and deception cannot be tolerated, especially in an industry where safety should be paramount. 

David Y. Howe: A Betrayal of Trust: 

David Y. Howe should have exemplified ethical conduct and sound judgment. However, his involvement in falsifying employee qualifications and suppressing independent audits is a clear betrayal of trust. This inaction speaks volumes about his lack of commitment to rectifying the situation and protecting the reputation of the companies he is associated with. David Y. Howe, is honesty not a class offered at Harvard ? 

Hinckley & Hunt Yachts: A Decline in Craftsmanship and Safety: 

The decline of Hunt and Hinckley Yachts under the ownership of Jerry Lundquist, Brooks Gordon, and David Howe is evident in the critical safety issues plaguing the company’s boats. Over 70 problems identified by independent experts pose significant risks of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life. This level of negligence is completely unacceptable for a company that once prided itself on exceptional craftsmanship and quality design. The lack of attention to detail and expertise within the company. Hinckley Yachts has strayed far from its storied heritage, and immediate action must be taken to rectify this alarming decline. 

Rebuilding Trust and Accountability: 

To restore its tarnished reputation, Hinckley & Hunt Yachts must sever all ties with Jerry Lundquist, Brooks Gordon, and other owners associated with the falsification of professional credentials and suppression of audits. Transparently addressing the safety concerns, implementing stringent quality control measures, and rebuilding trust with customers and industry professionals are vital steps for the company to regain its former glory. Furthermore, the entire consulting industry must prioritize ethics over profits, imposing strict penalties for unethical behavior to discourage similar actions in the future. 


The falsification of professional credentials within Hinckley Yachts, facilitated by owners such as Jerry Lundquist, Brooks Gordon, and David Y. Howe, has led to a decline in craftsmanship, compromised safety, and a tarnished reputation. The company’s failure to address these ethical concerns is deeply concerning and demands immediate action. By severing ties with those responsible for the deception, implementing rigorous quality control measures, and demonstrating a genuine commitment to accountability and transparency, Hinckley Yachts.